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Winward Law, PLLC

               Every Client Matters

132 W Tabernacle, Building B

St. George, Utah 84770

(435) 628-1191 (office)

(435) 628-5341 (fax)


Winward Law, PLLC. has been helping residents of southern Utah for over 35 years. This firm runs a general law practice, though focuses on criminal and domestic matters. The Winward team cares about those they serve and work hard for the best possible outcome. Learn more about Mr. LaMar Winward, and the Winward Team to understand why they are the trusted legal team for southern Utah.  

Winward Law, PLLC is located right next to the court house in Building B on Tabernacle Street in St. George. Please feel free to make an appointment in person, over the phone, or on this website.  

Our Mission

At Winward Law, we pride ourselves on being accessible, efficient, and responsive. This law firm has the experience to be your trusted advocate in handling complex legal matters with the Federal, District, and Justice court systems. We work to give you the best possible outcome during your most challenging times.  

   5th District Courthouse

Winward Law, PLLC. is located next to the courthouse on Tabernacle St. 

Winward Law Offices

Winward Law, PLLC. understands the legal system inside and out.

Justice Courthouse

Winward Law, PLLC. knows courtroom procedures and timelines.